Glad You Came DJ specializes in weddings! We have been DJing weddings since 2005 and have the whole process down to a science. Our equipment is the best money can buy and your guests will be impressed by the professional presentation they are shown when they attend your special event.

The DJ is the person that controls the entire night, from the all-important ceremony to the reception that is meant to celebrate your recent union with your loved one. The DJ can make or break the whole night and can greatly affect the memories of your friends and relatives.

We are not the cheapest and we are not the most expensive. We have been doing this long enough that our service has been priced accordingly. “You get what you pay for” is very true when it comes to hiring a DJ. Anybody can get a set of speakers and hook them up to a computer and play some music. You get much more when you hire a professional like Glad You Came DJ. You get years of experience, you get suggestions, you have someone to ask questions to ¬†about how the whole process is suppose to go. We understand if you’re on a tight budget, but please remember the importance the DJ plays in your wedding day and realize that’s not a good place to skimp if you want to insure your special day is in fact, “Special”.

We attend the rehearsal and make sure the ceremony is flawless and there are no questions left unanswered or asked. We have music going 30 minutes before the ceremony starts for your guests to enjoy as they await your big moment. A high-quality Sennheiser lapel microphone is placed on the officiant which will give high fidelity sound through-out the ceremony, and it even picks up the bride and groom’s voices faintly so it can all be heard.

Our price is based on a few factors so if you would like a quote please contact me at 903-748-4016 (call me or text) or I truly appreciate you checking out our site and hope to hear from you!!